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* Thank you again for all of your help with everything during this (citizenship) process, your guidance has been invaluable and is greatly appreciated.  
​ March, 2018,
Bernadette  S.

*Again, thank you very much for all your hard work. I might be just another client, but to me and my family, you are a light of hope, helping me get my PR card allows me to stay with my family and loved ones.  Watching my kids grow in a safe environment is priceless for me as a parent.  I can't thank you enough for all your efforts. Thanks again! January, 2018,
 Freddy V. and Maria A.

*Toshi U. and I learned about Barbara Erlandson through a colleague and it was the best thing that happened to us. Barbara has been a complete professional throughout our almost 3 year journey, keeping us informed of the immigration process and following up in timely fashion always. More than just a professional, which she is, she is truly a kind, considerate person, making sure that all your questions and concerns are addressed. She helped with Toshi’s initial application as well as his more permanent 10 year one. We could not recommend anyone more highly. And we’d be happy to do so in person. Thanks, Barbara, again and see you in 9.5 years! March, 2016, Stephen O.

*My wife & I wish to thank you for the excelent service, professional work and the excellent organisation you provided to us. You have been of great help. Without your effort, I do not think we could have done in the time & circumstances we had. We are lucky that we were refered to you and proud to be your clients.  We will definitly promote your services to our friends & community.  We really appreciate your services. Dr Mahmoud & Dawlat T., Chippewa Falls, WI, March, 2016

*My now husband and I worked with Barbara through the long and arduous Fiance visa process. We cannot state enough how helpful and competent Barbara was at every point along the way. She was thorough and answered any questions that we had. I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat. My husband is now a U.S. citizen and we are extremely pleased with our whole experience. Carolyn S., February, 2016

*Barbara helped us obtain a green card for a spouse. The paperwork, process, and time involved seemed daunting--but Barbara's expertise, care, and thoroughness were remarkable. Beginning with the first phone call, she was extremely responsive. She always returned e-mails promptly. She went above and beyond our expectations, providing information and resources for any question we had. She kept us notified of our status and collected documentation for our case. She was professional and dependable. Having her by our side as we went through this stressful process brought us a sense of calm and confidence. Our case went very smoothly, and we couldn't be happier with the results. We highly recommend Barbara and highly recommend hiring her for any immigration needs you have.  Mike M., November, 2015

*Barbara recently helped my husband obtain permanent residency in the United States. I cannot speak highly enough of her constant efficiency, thoroughness, and promptness during the whole process. What I had anticipated being a tedious and lengthy undertaking ended up being pleasantly manageable and straightforward with all of Barbara's professional help and guidance. Barbara is competent and knowledgeable, and despite our constant questions and emails, her answers were always detailed and punctual. She was extremely flexible with our situation (we were overseas for the majority of the time) and did everything she could to help simplify the process at our end. Besides her evident legal expertise, Barbara was an extremely pleasant, kind, and professional person to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking into an immigration attorney. Maggie H., September, 2015

*Barbara helped me obtain my green card and eventually my US Citizenship. She is very knowledgeable, professional, and kept me informed through the entire process. Also, very importantly - she is not associated with a big corporate law firm which means reasonable fees personalized service for her clients. My initial case was to obtain a green card and the case got complicated and was stuck with the government (for reasons outside of our control) for over a year -- Barbara didn't charge anything beyond the original flat fee and helped us all the same. That is why I had no hesitations contacting Barbara when it was time for me to petition for the citizenship. I had moved away from Minneapolis by then and Barbara was still able to handle my case long-distance with no issues and again at a very reasonable price. I have referred several friends to her for immigration matters and they were equally as happy with her work!  Gina M., August 2, 2014

​ *I hired Barbara to help process a green card application that had come current. Before officially having her represent me, we had a meeting to discuss our case. She was extremely responsive to all questions and concerns, and willing to meet speak to me anytime i had questions. She walked me through the process and filed the forms on my behalf. I received emails regularly whenever there was an update of my case, which she monitored regularly. There was never any delay in the process from her end, so I was grateful for the efficient process. Finally, she also came with me for the interview, and was well prepared with additional information requested by the interview officer. Highly recommended. Mun C., August, 1, 2014

​ *When I first met Barbara I did not understand the entire process involved with bringing my fiancee to the United States. She explained it to me detail and let me what to expect so there were no surprises. My fiancee arrived and we got married. Barbara then helped us with applying for my wife's green card which she received without any problems or delays. Barbara is intelligent, is always prepared and is always professional. She responds promptly to emails and phone calls. I could not imagine going through the immigration process without her help. Barbara was extremely pleasant to work with and I highly recommend her would gladly work with her again! Jordan M., July 12, 2014

*Barbara was very informative, professional, and respectful. She was even complimented during our interview by the agent handling our case on how organized our file was. She is very good at what she does, and made the process easy and fast. I would definitely recommend Barbara to family and friends. She is a very sweet person that takes a personal interest in her clients. Michelle M., July 12, 2014

*Barbara help us with my adjustment of status with the USCIS, she was very polite, professional and knowledgable, I would gladly recommend her services as immigration attorney, now I am a US Citizen and everything started with her help. Jonathan V., July 7, 2014

*My wifeand I are really happy that finally my wife obtained the green card. We can't imagine doing the entire process our own. All the process was very fast, and without any problems. We feel really lucky to have found and contracted Barbara's services, she demonstrated that she is very well prepared and is very professional and detail-oriented. We truly recommend Barbara. Yasser P. July 6, 2014

*Barbara worked with us in our immigration process, English is not our first language and have her as our attorney was really helpful to us. She is a very professional and organized lawyer, she always kept us informed, and she made that our process were easy and fast. We are thankful with her, and we certainly would recommend her. Salvador Z., July, 2014

*Barbara, is a very down to earth lawyer who listens to client concerns and works hard to accomplish their goals. Some of her clients have returned multiple times to her for additional legal work, showing complete satisfaction in all of their attorney/clients encounters. I have personally known her for over 15 years. She is always cheerful and ready to help. Neil T., July 14, 2014

​ *Barbara is very knowledgeable, responsive, and easy to work with. She replies emails within hours with detailed answers every time! It was very easy to follow her instructions on what materials i need to provide because she was always clear and specific. She is very organized and followed up timely on everything she said she was going to follow up on. An immigration related case can be stressful at times but she was always patient with my questions and concerns. I went to her at a time of distress, she was compassionate and calm at the same time. Thanks to her my case was resolved easily. I would recommend Barbara to anyone and I would go back to her again if I need further assistance. Claire Z., July, 2014

*I had the honor and pleasure of benefiting from the unparalleled experience, dedication, and professional services provided by Barbara Erlandson an Immigration Attorney based in Minneapolis, MN.  From the moment that I met Barbara, I was very confident with her clear approach for my case. She frequently initiated communications with me via email or phone calls, and worked very closely for my case, i.e. editing a pile of documents for me very effectively, and providing me with a guided feedback to what she expected next on a continuous & timely basis. Kaama M. July 8, 2014

*If you are seeking help with immigration needs, I highly recommend Barbara to meet your legal needs. We found her professional, thorough, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. My husband and I hired her first for my husband's visa after we got married, and then a second time this year for his citizenship. Her rates are very reasonable and worth the money in navigating through this process. She provided outstanding representation for us and I would recommend this attorney to anyone!! Andrea C., August, 2013

​ *I would recommend the services of Barbara Erlandson, Immigration Attorney anytime! A person should be lucky to have her as their lawyer. I really thank you and I don't have any hesitation in recommending any of Barbara’s services to my friends and colleagues.  Barbara assisted my wife and me through the difficult process of removing a US resident condition opening the door for citizenship. She was very professional and patient throughout the process and made sure everything was in order for final submission to the government. Without her assistance, this would have been a very daunting venture but she made it simple. Worth her weight in gold! Thank you so much Barbara. Joshua A.  August 13, 2013.

​ *I’ve had the pleasure to work with Barbara. She was very thorough and detail oriented. I was a bit nervous when we began going through the immigration process. Soon after we met Barbara it was clear she was a real pro. With her guidance we were able to make it through easily. I would highly recommend her to anybody I know. Adam S., August 6, 2013

*I cannot recommend Barbara highly enough. If it hadn't been for her expert guidance and her patience with my now wife and I, we would not have been able to navigate the immigration process so smoothly and end up living together in the U.S.  Having a hassle-free immigration experience is never guaranteed due to individual circumstances but I can say without a shadow of a doubt that hiring Barbara was the best decision we could have made.  I would encourage anyone and everyone to hire her, you will not be disappointed.  Niall E., October 11, 2012.

*Barbara was very thorough, timely, had great follow through on all points, and I was more than satisfied with her results. I would recommend her to anyone with immigration needs.  John B., October 3, 2011

​  *Barbara is a detail-oriented attorney who provides excellent legal services and is extremely knowledgeable and well-informed about current changes to U.S. immigration law. Highly recommended. Ben C., February 11, 2011

​  *Hiring Barbara was the best decision my husband and I made when it came to my U.S. immigration process. While she is an expert in her field and specialty providing timely and detailed information, her trustworthiness and patience were so appreciated as she navigated us through what could have been a stressful process. Another client has already said and I will confirm it - I could not imagine going through this process without this sort of top notch assistance. Thank you Barbara for everything you provided us. Fiona S., January 19, 2010

 *Barbara was successful in assisting us obtain an immigrant visa (spousal). She was very knowledgeable in guiding us through the application process, understanding, and prompt in responding to any questions or concerns that we had. Brian T., March 20, 2009 

*Barbara is very competent and professional and provided us a level of service that exceeded our expectations. We are very blessed to have been referred to her. Doug D., September 10, 2008

​ *Barbara handled our case extremely well over the course of 2 years, providing consistent, timely, meaningful advice and reassurance every step of the way. When it comes to something as personally important as immigration, having personal and helpful guidance is critical, and this is what Barbara provided for us. I can't imagine going through this process without this sort of top notch assistance. Ben K., April 5, 2008 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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