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1624 Harmon Place, Suite 300-C, Minneapolis, MN 55403. 

Click on the above link "View on Google maps" and enter your address to get directions to the office. The office is located on Harmon Place in the Loring Corners building that faces Loring Park. The restaurant, Café Lurcat, is on the first floor.   The office entrance is in the middle of the building. Enter the building through the door that has the words Loring Corners” printed on it and the numbers 1624 Harmon Place. 

There is ample street parking. The parking meters cost .25 cents for 30 minutes and can be paid with quarters or a debit/credit card.  There is a parking lot located next to the Basilica of St. Mary (under the bridge at the corner of Hennepinn Avenue and Dunwoody).  The fee is $5 and it must be paid with cash.

Please call 612-750-7188 or e-mail if you need more detailed directions or assistance paying the meters.  

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    Erlandson Law Office, LLC, 1624 Harmon Place, Suite 300-C, Minneapolis, MN 55403       

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